About Us

About Us

Apostolic Christianity Network is an association of men and women from all walks of life committed to the revival of Apostolic Christianity in our land and the enthronement of a culture of honor in the polity. It includes ministers of the gospel from different denominations, Christian professionals from different callings, educated elites, and scholars among others. Our purpose is the birth of a major awakening in the land. We are intellectual warriors using the means of Scriptures, Logic, debates and disputation, essays, engagement to extend the frontiers of knowledge in Apostolic Christianity and separate major from a minor.

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  • Our Books are Educative.
  • Our Books are Spiritual.
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    1. To revive the spirit and power of Apostolic Christianity in our land.

    2. To show the love of God and of His Christ to suffering humanity through all available means.

    3. To celebrate the victory of Christ over the world, Satan, evil forces, and their human agents.

    4. To expose people to the truth of the Word of God in other to make them free in spirit, soul, and body.

    5. To teach the laws of dominion and empower God’s people to take control of their circumstances and enslave the very forces that have enslaved them.

    6. To undertake research into the origins and history of Pentecostal evangelical work in Africa, the life and work of the pioneers, Africa Indigenous churches, cultures, systems, etc.

    7. Yo make available powerful, well- researched publications for the Christians and preachers of this closing age.

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